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The farm is where players keep their horses until they want to race with them. Horses can walk around freely like a real horse in a pasture or paddock. Based on the horses personality, they will move around differently to your other horses.

The player has the ability to call their horses using their Call button, but horses will only come to the player if the player is close enough and if they have enough intimacy with the player. Intimacy can be increased by feeding, cleaning, and playing with your horse.

The player can also practice jumping and gliding at their farm, as there are various jumps spread around the farm and there is a cliff for the player to glide off of. It's good for if you're new and want to practice gliding without having to do the tutorials or the races.

NPC's Edit

There are four NPC's located around your ranch. They give basic information and can help you start learning the basics of the game.


Grandfather Thomas: When talking to Grandfather Thomas, he will give you a summary of daily quests, along with some 'Wise Words'. After you have talked to him, a little square window pops up in the right top corner. When you click on this, you can choose your quests, rewards. The quests can reward you carrots, experience or crystals which you can spend to upgrade your ranch. In the winter, he is dressed up as Santa Claus.

Dog: There is a Saint Bernard next to Grandfather Tomas. The dog doesn't do anything, he just lays down. In the winter, he is dressed up as a reindeer.

Stato: When you talk to Stato, he will let you play a balloon game. Your player has to ride around the ranch and pop the balloons he has set up for you. Once you finish the game, you earn around 20 (fastest times) carrots per game.


Juna: Juna talks about the sheep bleating, or about filling the ranch with more animals. She is a friendly NPC and will joke about Stato doing all the work for her, but she always keeps the water clean for the animals, then suggests you take care of your horses.

April: April is a flying pig located on the cliff of your ranch. When you have a conversation with April, she will start flying by her ears, occasionally falling, but she will explain how to use the gliding technique, which will become needed in most races.

Sheep: The sheep are a source of gaining carrots, which you can gain by running into them. Most often you receive 1-5 carrots per sheep, but sometimes 25, or even rarely, 30. When you get close to them they will attempt to run away, which can prove difficult while trying to hit them. If you hit them too many times they will become angry and chase you, however, they calm down after a few minutes. When angry, you can't receive carrots from them until they've calmed down.

Cat: The cat will run away from you if you get too close to avoid being trampled by your horse, but if you press your Call button it will run towards you. It can sometimes be hard to find, but it is always on the ranch.

Horses: If you have more than one horse, you will see them in the pasture on your ranch. They will be grazing, cantering around, prancing or just standing and walking. Above their heads will say their name, and besides that is a face that expresses how it is feeling. If you whistle, the horse will come to you, depending on your intimacy with it. If you right click on the horse, you will be given three options: Switch, Profile and Care. The Switch button will allow you to ride that specific horse, Profile will take you to Horse Profile where you can see its stats and details, while Care lets you care of that horse. If you left click on the horse you will whistle to it, and it might come over to you if you have high intimacy with the horse.

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