Race TypesEdit

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There are four different modes of racing: solo speed, team speed, solo magic and team magic; and for specific events, an event racing mode is available.

Different types of horse races to choose from.

Normal Horse Races: No magic used in these races, just the speed of your horse against other horses.

Magic Horse Race: A magic race that will test your horses magic genetics against other horses.

Beat Your Time: A race to beat your own personal fastest time.


There are 28 tracks altogether, with 16 normal tracks and 12 advanced tracks. Advanced tracks can only be used while in a speed race, but the normal tracks can be played on either speed or magic. 

Korean Name English Name Description Adv.Available
Ui course01
프롤라 가도 Sheep Farm

An entry-level course consisting mainly of straights, an easy course to learn the basic elements required for racing.

Ui course13
리비안 마을

Lee Bianco's Village

With a balance over the entire course, it is a good place to practice boosting with continuous sliding. Yes
Ui course41
아킨즈 사막 Atkin's Desert An entry-level course with wind blown sand. Yes
Ui course46
라프리아 진입로 Village Leah Snow covered terrain, with a wide track. No
Ui course40
상업도시 아미스 Amis City A course with many uphills and downhills. No
Ui course14
포베아 들판 Pheobe Field Yes
Ui course21
실리온 해안길 Silrion Coast Village featuring a shore length course. The spacious terrain is good for beginners. Yes
Ui course19
세코린 폭포 Colin Falls A course wused to boost continuously rather than sporadic, with sharp and narrow turns compared to the width of the track. No
Ui course20
라이아 숲 Jose Forest A course consisting of a large forest, woods, tree and the damage goes well to it. It is important to find your own way out Yes
Ui course18
도르프 상회 Bettendorf Exceeded A course with a downhill stretch to increase speed as much as possible, but be careful at the sharp turn that comes after. Yes
Ui course10
칼리드 마을 Khalid Village It is important to take advantage of the small turns. Yes
Ui course24
클라에스 시장길 Market Street A small course with tight turns. No
Ui course15
실프 언덕 Sylph Hill Yes
Ui course08
도르프 무역항 Bettendorf Trading Port Breathtaking roads and narrow streets, it is important to run without falling into the sea. Yes
Ui course25
실프 비탈길 Sylph Slope Yes
Ui course16
그랜토 협곡 Granto Canyon A course to be taken carefully so that one does not fall off the narrow roads. Yes
Ui course07 adv
울렌 숲 Woollen


A course with many obstacles, it is important to create your own path. Adv. Only