Pets are little companions that sit on the back of your horse, or run beside you. To get a pet you must hatch eggs in the incubator. Eggs can be found by racing in any track. You can view your pets/eggs in the book tab (Press 7 or click on the icon above the incubator).


A level 3 Ice egg Seal.

Tracks have different biomes. The eggs will be the same type as these. Example: If you race in a Meadow track, you can only find Meadow eggs.

There is currently 5 types of eggs: Meadow, Forest , City, Desert and Ice. Each egg has a level: 1, 2, 3 or 4. The type of egg decides what kind of pet you get, the level decides how rare it is. The more rare it is, the more detailed!

Higher level eggs take longer.

Level 1: 9 hours


Level 2: 41 hours

Level 3: 73 hours

Level 4: 105 hours

All eggs are be removed from your inventory (unless they are still hatching, or have

already hatched) each Wednesday at 06:00 AM, UTC+9.


Types of pets from each biome:

Meadow Forest City Desert Ice
Butterfly Monkey Seagull Fox Penguin
Raccoon Beetle Chest Snake Seal
Chicken Scarab

The type of pet you get is random. You are also able to get other things from eggs. If you don't hatch a pet, you hatch an item which you usually buy in the Shop. These items are things like Overcubes, Purified Crystals or Pet Name Changes.

You can only hatch 1 egg at a time. If you want to hatch more, you need to buy an upgrade for the Incubator. You can find this by clicking the Home button in the bottom of your screen, then click Ranch Management, and head over to the Incubator tab. Buying a second slot for your Incubator will cost 9 Overcubes, which you can hatch from eggs or buy from the Shop. You can use the 2nd slot 10 times before it is turned into a Basic Incubator again.


Premium Incubator (2 Slots)


Hatching a Lv. 3 Desert Egg