Pets are the little companions that sit on the back of your horse or run beside you as you race. Depending on the type and level of egg you get, certain pets will hatch. The type of egg is determined by the biome you find it in; forest, meadow, ice, desert, or city. The level of the egg (1, 2, 3, or 4 stars) is random, although the lower the egg level the more commonly you will find it.

You start finding eggs as soon as you begin competing in online races. However, hatching these eggs takes a while! You will get a one time opportunity to hatch an egg from Juna as a tantalizing taster of what it is like to be able to hatch eggs. Eventually, when you have worked through many of the in game quests, you will have regular access to incubators.

Incubators Edit

Incubators can be frustrating to deal with, and confusing! To build your first incubator you need two things; purified crystals (which come in certain daily quest combos, gift boxes, and as a story quest reward), regular crystals (bought in the shop, under miscellaneous items), and overcubes (found in gift boxes). The type of incubator you want to build determines the number of crystals you will have to pay.

Tier Hatch Number Purified Crystals Regular Crystals Overcubes
3 25 4 4 25
2 10 4 4 9
1 5 4 4 4

Purified Crystals can also be used to accelerate an eggs hatching time; one Purified Crystal equals an 8 hour reduction on hatching time. Because crystals are so rare to find, and accelerating an eggs hatching time by 8 hours isn't very significant, it tends to be wiser to save your crystals for building incubators, and to wait out the long hatching times.

Hatching Times Edit

An eggs hatch time is determined by its level, biome does not affect it.

Level Hatch Time
1 9 hours
2 41 hours
3 73 hours
4 105 hours

All eggs are removed from your inventory list (unless they are still hatching, or have already hatched) each Wednesday at 06:00 AM, UTC+9. Thus, it is best to hatch your eggs as quickly as possible!

Anytime you want to check on your hatching eggs, simply visit your ranch and click on the star above your incubator to check their progress.

Pet Types Edit

Depending on the biome the race is in (city, desert, forest, meadow, or ice) certain pets will hatch. You will not know the exact type of pet that is hatching in your egg ahead of time, nor will you know the color.

Biome Maps Pets Colors
City Dorf Harbor

Silrion Coast

Trading Port


Mimics (i.e. treasure chests)

Blue, green, black, red

Brown, red, green, purple

Desert Atkin's Desert

Khalid Town

Fox Spirits

Petal Cobras


Black, gray, white, pink

Black, brown, green, white

Blue, purple, red

Forest Colin Falls

Granto Canyon

Jose Forest

Woolen Forest



Red, green, yellow, blue

Brown, black, yellow

Ice Leah Village Penguins


Pink, brown, black, blue

Pink, blue, gray

Meadow Amis City

Leah Bianco Village

Market Street

Pheobe Fields

Sheep Farm

Slyph Hills

Slyph Slope




Red, blue, green, pink

Blue, brown, black, gray

Brown, red, black, gray

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