Magic Horse Race Edit

Magic Racing is one of the three types of races. Here you use magic spells to win or sabotage others.

Many people recommend Control as a main stat for magic racing. Control fills up your magic bar faster, increases downhill and uphill speed and decreases collision shocks recovery time.

Magic Items Edit

During the race, you have a magic gauge in the left bottom corner of your screen. It will slowly fill up automatically, and once full will give you a magic item.

You can also pick up magic items at specific points in the race, they show up as the item you'll receive. You need to run through it to pick up the item, and the item giver will change its item after it is run through.

The Fire Dragon Edit

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Unlike other Magic items, the Fire Dragon has a count down once used. It can be transferred to other players by physical contact and hits the player that has it on them once the timer ends. The count down starts at 1 then counts to 5, this is represented as little flames above the players head. Once the dragon pops up, you cannot transfer it to others anymore. That is when you use a Water Shield to protect yourself.

A Fire Dragon can be aimed with. It can only go to the people in front of you. If there is no one there, it will miss. A mix of blue in the dragon means it is a critical. If the dragon is critical, it will require a critical Water Shield to block.

Like the fireball, when hit by this you and your horse will fall. Depending if it was critical or not determines how long until you and your horse are able to get up.

Ice Edit


Ice summons a wall of ice in front of you at any height and area of the course. A critical Ice will summon a wall of 3 ice next to each other, unlike normal ice, which will summon only one.

When hit by Ice you will be slowed down. The ice can be run through by you (or your team) for a few seconds after placement, but is instantly solid for others.

Phoenix Feather Edit

Phoenix feather

The Phoenix Feather is an item that when activated will give you a speed boost and protect you from all attacks (excluding critical attacks). If critical, the effects will last longer.

You're more likely to get the Phoenix Feather the lower your placement is. (So at 8th place, you're most likely to get one).

Dark Fire

Dark Fire Edit

Dark Fire blocks the players view and will frighten the horse, making it hard to control. The horse will sway left and right, causing a small speed reduction. On activation, the player will throw the dark fire to the person they aim at. If it's a critical hit, the darkness will hit all players ahead of you, instead of one.

You will be indicated if one is coming towards you with an exclamation mark above you, yet this could also imply shackles or a Bolt.

You can't use a Bolt or any item that requires aiming while effected by Dark Fire. Your view is blocked, thus stopping you from being able to use the item.

While affected by the darkness, you can still see a glimpse of the jumping obstacles with a blue/purple glow around them.

Bolt Edit

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The Bolt is used to knock down the targeted player. When in the player's possession, there will be a yellow target on the screen. To activate it, hold your Use button down. This allows you to aim for who you want to shoot. When the target is on the person you want to throw it at, it will turn red. This is when you let go of your Use button. The Bolt will go through anything once you have targeted and activated it. If critical, the Bolt will knock down the player for a longer amount of time.


A target mark and exclamation mark, implying a Bolt is coming towards them.

The Bolt also warns you beforehand, by showing the target mark on you. When the player lets go of their Use button, it will show an exclamation mark above you and come towards you. A player can keep their target mark on you for as long as they hold it.

If you have started aiming with the Bolt, you will be forced to shoot, unless you press your Rear View Camera button. This will deactivate the Bolt and allow you to stop aiming.

Shackles Edit


Shackles slow down the affected player's speed as well as preventing them from jumping and thus gliding.

When activated, Shackles will hit every player in front of the user. When critical, the effects last longer.

Water Shield Edit

Water shield

This item prevents the player from being hit by any attack that isn't critical (with exception of Lighting). If the Shield is critical, it protects the player from every attack, even critical ones.

Water shield and Lightning

When you are targeted by lightning, a normal shield won't do. A normal Lightning can be avoided with a critical Shield. A critical Lightning will penetrate through any shield, even the critical one.

You're more likely to get shield while in first position.

Booster Edit

Speed boost

Like the booster in Speed Races, the Booster boosts your speed for a short period of time.

Lightning Edit

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Upon activation of this item, a storm cloud will hit the person in first place, causing them to be stunned for a few seconds. The storm cloud will also hit other players that get too close to the player in first. If the player in first manages to shield the attack, the other players around will still be hit.

The Scepter (Team Race Exclusive)Edit

The Scepter

The Scepter upon activation will give his or her team a critical chance for their next item. If a player waits too long with using their next item, the effect will disappear, and their next item has a chance to be normal again.

The Book (Team Race Exclusive) Edit


The Book when activated will give everyone on their team a speed buff, along with a circle-shaped purple arcane symbol in front of the people that gets the speed buff.

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