There are 7 different types of feeds. 3 treats and 4 main feeds. Each horse has its own favorite feed and treat. You can find which one your horses like by its reaction upon selecting a food item. If a horse dislikes a certain food, it will stomp the ground and look away. If it likes the food you selected, it will rear.

On the left of your selection of food and treats it will show you a little face with either "Hungry", "Satisfied" or "Full". When Full, your horse has eaten enough, and will reject the food you try to give it. When it is hungry, there is a chance it will like different food than when it is satisfied!


A horse that dislikes a presented food.


A horse that likes a presented food.


Mane brushing

Mane brushing

Your horse gets dirty when racing with it. You don't need to have a clean horse for racing, but when it's clean, you will gain a little more luck during breeding.

Treating Edit

Treating a wound

Treating a wound

Your horse can get wounded when racing with it. Wounds can get worse when performing a certain action, like sliding, gliding or hitting obstacles. If you don't want to treat your horse manually, you can leave it to heal naturally. (Natural healing only works when you are racing with a different horse online!)

You can manually heal the horse using treatment items in the shop.

Game ActivitiesEdit


Some of the most important care utilities are found in the bottom left corner; horse cleaning/feeding/treating/breeding button. You will be able to take care of your horse here, assuming you have bought the items to take care of it.

The "Game" button found at the bottom allows you to race against other players, NPCs or time, which will help improve and test your horses abilities.

The "Shop" button is where you will find most of the necessities of the game. Here you can buy outfits, horse armor, food, toys, cleaning supplies, farm equipment, and other things.

The "Items" button allows you to customize yourself and your horse in a variety of outfits that you have bought from the store. You can also view your owned items here.

The "Home" button does various things. Ranch Management allows you to customize your farm. By buying new furniture and buildings with Crystals you can earn Ranch EXP during races. This will give you certain bonuses during races such as carrots. After placing your new addition to the farm, it will start breaking down. You can check how many days you have left by going into your Player Profile, and click on the last tab "Ranch". Everything will need repairing 20 days after placement. Next to customizing your ranch you can also visit a random ranch, or go back to your own using the Home button.