Within the AO world, horse care is an essential aspect to a successful player. The simple little actions can affect your horses performance, aside from the added bonus of a clean appearance. The process of cleaning your horse is accomplished through 3 main tools; the Mane Brush, Tail Comb, and Dry Cloth. All of these can be purchased through the in-game store. Please note that despite there being a, "Bulk package," for each item within the store, there is no drop in price the more units you purchase. Also note than all cleaning tools are sold only in carrots, and cannot be purchased with gems.

Mane Brush Edit

Mane Brush

The Mane Brush is one of the 3 grooming tools used withing game to clean your horse. It is used solely to remove the dirt and tangles from your horses mane. Like the Tail Comb, you simply select the tool and then, "Clean," in order to use the tool. There is no additional requirement from the player.

Bundles Edit

There are 3 separate bundles in which Mane Brushes are sold; 1 unit (120 carrots), 10 units (1200 carrots), and 30 units (3600 carrots).

Tail Comb Edit

Tail Comb

Like the Mane Brush, the tail comb is used to clean the longer, finer hair on your horse. It removes dirt and tangles, proving you with a happier, healthier horse. Simply select the tool, and then, "Clean," to use it. No further action is required on the part of the player.

Bundles Edit

The Tail Comb is sold in the exact same bundles as the Mane Brush; 1 unit (120 carrots), 10 units (1200 carrots), and 30 units (3600 carrots).

Dry Cloth Edit

Dry Cloth

A Dry Cloth is the final tool provided by AO to maintain a happy and clean horse. It removed your horses sweat, and the grime it has likely earned by rolling across the ground in a magic race, or the dust coating it from what horses kick up in a speed race. Unlike the Mane Brush and Tail Comb, this tool requires additional work from a player; you must hold down your mouse and drag it across your horses body until the orange bar climbs all the way up.

Bundles Edit

Like the two aforementioned tools, the Dry Cloth comes in 3 different packages; 1 unit (100 carrots), 10 units (1000 carrots), and 30 units (3000 carrots). However, the price per unit is 20 carrots per cheaper. Which, while it may not seem like it saves you a lot, saves you an average of 600 carrots per 30 units.

Bonus Edit

One rather expensive side affect of grooming is when you clean the same part of your horse 10+ times in a row. It will cause the horse to have white sparkles around it, visible to both you and other players in the game.

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