Breeding is a big part of the game. It allows you to breed your best horses, hoping to get better stats, and even better. You can start breeding once you reach level 10. It can be found under the Care button in the bottom, then heading over to Breeding.

Appearance Edit

There is currently 20 colors of coats and 5 colors of mane and tail. You can get 8 different mane styles and 6 different tail styles. You can find all of these [Manes and Tails|here] or [[1]] (shows a little more information).

Luck Edit

Before explaining what everything means in the breeding room, you need to know about your horse's Luck first. Your horse's Luck is displayed as a little clover next to the horse's head on your Ranch. It has 4 leaves.

0 Leaves = Bad


1 Leaf = Poor

2 Leaves = Good

3 Leaves = Great

4 Leaves = Exceptional

You can get more leaves by racing with it online (not against NPCs). The amount of leaves you get after a race is random. You can relog to change the amount of clovers.

Lineage Edit

It takes a bit of searching to find the perfect horse to breed with. I'll be explaining it all from left to right. On the far left of the little menu will be the horse's names. On the right of that you'll find the lineage.


The horse's lineage can go up to +9. It stands for how many horses in its recent family tree have the same coat.

Each parent with the same coat will give the horse +2 lineage. A grandparent with the same coat gives +1. A horse always starts with +1 for having the coat. This means that if both parents and all 4 grandparents have the same coat as the horse, it will be a +9. If only the parents have the same coat, its lineage will be +5, etc.

You can find your horse's ancestry and check the family tree by going to your horse's Profile and clicking the Ancestry tab.

The higher the lineage number is, the higher the chance of getting that coat.

To view the Ancestry of a horse in the breeding list, simply right click their names and it will show up.

Genetics Edit

Next up is Genetics. Genetics use arrows to represent how high the chance is that the foal will look like the father (the father is always the horse you select from the list). There are 5 different arrows.

Chances: Very High
Chances: High
Chances: Normal
Chances: Low
Chances: Very Low

Fee Edit

The fee is the amount of carrots you pay for breeding once. The max fee is 40,000 carrots, while the lowest is 4,000. The fee is always in between these prices, and depends on the Grade of the horse. The lowest Grade possible to register is 4, whilst the highest is Grade 1.

To register a horse for breeding, you will always pay half of the fee you put it up for. E.g. If you want to register your horse for 26,000 carrots, you will have to pay 13,000 beforehand.

Pregnancy Chance Edit

Pregnany Chance

Each horse has a Pregnancy Chance. This stands for the chance of actually getting a foal. The more hearts, the higher the chance for a foal. Every time a horse breeds, its Pregnancy Chance decreases a little.


A failed breeding attempt.

A compensation prize can reward you with a variety of things; Treatments for injuries, Carrots or Crystals, sometimes even Gems. Sometimes you have a chance to get golden cards presented, instead of the red/pink ones. If you recieve a golden card opportunity your game will tell you "Congratulations! You have a rare opportunity to select a compensation prize from the Golden Cards! Golden Cards contain great prizes! There is even a chance to win Gems!"

Time left Edit

This is the time the horse will still be on the breeding market. It will count down hours, and when it reaches 0, it will disappear from the market. If you registered your horse and it ran out of time, you can register it again whenever.

Favorite Edit

If you want to look through multiple horses before picking the right one, you can click the favorite button. This will permanently save the selected horses under the Favorites tab until you remove them. Even when they run out of time, they will stay! So if their owner decides to register them again afterwards, you will be one of the first to know.


When a horse has run out of time and is not registered anymore, it will fade the name a bit, show -- for their grade, 0 for their fee and show a Korean word for the time left.

To delete horses off your Favorites list, simply click the little box on the left of their name to select it, and click the Remove button in the right top corner of the menu. If you want to select all horses in your tab, press Check all.

You can also remove them from the list by clicking the Remove button in the Breeding List. The button you click to Add them to your Favorites will turn into Remove once you do, allowing you to clear your list that way.

You can only have up to 8 horses in your Favorites list. If you try to add more, the game will notify you that your list is full, and won't add the selected horse to it.

Registering your horse Edit

To register your horse, click on the Register button above the Breeding List once you've selected one of your horses to put up for breeding. It will tell you to enter a fee, which can be between 4,000 (Grade 4 minimum) and 40,000 (Grade 8 maximum) carrots. You will always pay half the price of your chosen fee right away.


A Grade 8 horse, almost Grade 9.

A horse has to be Grade 4 at minimum.

If the horse's Total Stats (found in the horse's profile) goes above 179, it will not be able to breed anymore. (180 Total Stats will make it a Grade 9, while Grade 8 is the highest it can be)


Once your horse is registered you cannot ride it or take care of it. By pressing the Unregister button, you can see the amount of times it has bred, how much you've earned and how long it will still be on the Breeding List. If you want to keep it on the Breeding List, you can simply press Cancel to stop unregistering your horse.


When time runs out, you will be mailed the final amount of Carrots you've received. When receiving your Carrots, you will have taxes attached. This means that there will be a decrease in your total amount. It will show you the percentage of taxes you had to pay.

After this, you can still put your horse up for breeding! If you think you can earn some more, or want to empty the hearts, you can just hop back into the Breeding menu and Register.

Good luck!